Spring coffee style – Joy in the Italian espresso maker #2

If it were a simpler World – less all the problems that we are all too familiar with; hunger, war, strife, natural disasters… etc

and I had the luxury to choose… which Country I would like to rule the World… based on the simple things…

…like food, drink and love.

I might pick Italy. For the coffee. For the wine. For the food. And for their love of simple pleasures.
Sure I could pick France for the superior cuisine (kidding) and the slightly more civilized wines (now I am really kidding!) and the faster trains… but why bother.

The Italians rule the coffee pot. Particularly the stove top espresso maker. They excel in that department and the numbers do not lie. Over 100 million Italian families start each and every day with a stove top espresso maker. It is simple. It is elegant. And although it does not make real espresso (that takes more pressure), it makes some pretty dope brew – with an attitude and a punch that is definitely not straight coffee.

I have had a Bialetti for years – and it is currently on loan to another coffee lover. When Bodum-USA sent me a family sized one (twice the size of the basic stove top), I was delighted because I had heard a rumor that it makes slightly better coffee.

Now I can neither confirm or deny that the coffee was better than the coffee that my little Bialetti coughs up – but this first brew was spot on the money; intense, thick and built for the breakfast table.

So. If you have never had stove top espresso, give it a try. The coffee makers start at around 25 dollars. Do yourself a favor and get a stainless steel one. The coffee tastes better and the unit lasts longer – likely a lifetime of coffee drinking. Salut!

Colin Newell is a Victoria resident and food writer for Eat Magazine. His almost daily jaunts into coffee world leave him intense, awake… and creative.