Spring forward – out of my face Chapter one

Google Street View - get the fuck out of my faceI think it is pretty safe to say that if you poll your friends (about the Google Street View concept) they will be split 50-50.

Go ahead try.

Many people are in the “So what, who cares, it is kind of cool” camp. Like, I will be the first to admit that the application has some uses.
Quite a few folks are adverse to having their privacy invaded.
Some folks will say… “If you have nothing to hide then you won’t mind if we take a quick peek up your kilt…”
Which is essentially what Google Street View is working on – as they prepare to deploy on the streets of Canada.

Google street view should know one thing – Canadians are not Americans… and they are not Brits.

Brits are so accustomed to being preyed upon by a impertinent and overly prying government that they ignore that they are observed, on average… 64 times a day.

Not so much in Canada.

Personally, I like the feeling of walking alone – or with my wife… on the streets of Victoria – sometimes on a Friday… or on a day off – and the feeling of being somewhat on the lam. Even if it is my own personal illusion.

And I like to be able to maintain my personal freedom from observance – especially when I am such a well behaved citizen.

So a message to Google Street view… no, a promise:
If I see a Google Street view camera cross my path… and there is a rock or a stick within my reach… I promise you that I am going to aim it squarely at the Google Street view vehicle…
with a curt “Get out of my face Google street view”
Get out. Of my face. Or else.

That’s my opinion. What’s yours?

Colin Newell is a Victoria resident and a writer of words – normally friendly when watered and well fed, the Newell can lash out when it encounters foolishness or bad behavior