Canada day attacks on freedom – not so much

In a blog entry from 2 years ago, I wrote about illegal search and seizure during the Canada Day celebrations in Victoria B.C. Canada. I cited sections of our Charter Rights – on how the fuzz have no damn right to fish through your personal space while you are trying to, ironically, celebrate these very freedoms in our great country of Canada.

During the past 4 Canada Day celebrations, Police Officers from the surrounding communities boarded buses, set up road blocks and blocked pedestrian egress to look for open liquor. In setting up checkpoints around the downtown core, they actually restricted free movement of civilians going about their business. I actually had friends talking a bus across town and had their bags searched and their Pinot Noir confiscated. Shame!

My wife and I actually eschewed any plans to do anything on Canada Day – knowing full well that I would resist this police tyranny – and my resistance to this home-grown Nazism likely netting me a night in jail. My regular readers know all too well how I would react to some pinhead in a uniform barking orders at me to look in my ruck-sack.

So. Lucky me. The RCMP Public complaint watch dog is in agreement with me and those other awful bleeding heart liberal types.

The Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP released the findings of their investigation yesterday after two members of the public took issue with the way police officers from across the region — in an effort led by Victoria police — searched people on Canada Day.

Officers boarded buses to look for open liquor and set up checkpoints around the downtown core, something they have been doing since 2005.

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association filed a complaint in July after a local woman, who was not carrying alcohol, and outraged at being searched three times on her way to the Canada Day celebrations – spoke up. The association said the searches violated people’s Charter rights against unreasonable search or seizure. Well, ya!

The commission agreed, saying that the searches were not authorized under the B.C. Liquor Control and Licensing Act, the Transit Act or common law police powers and therefore were unreasonable.

This change will force Victoria police to change their strategy on how they curb the drunken revelry that has come to characterize large events, said spokesman Det. Rick Anthony… so instead of being lazy cops by throwing a net over everyone… might actually considering getting off their asses and doing their jobs… legally.

I say… Bravo!