Spring forward – Bail out – Chapter 1

Uncle Sam needs you now - Bailouts... will they work.Thousands upon thousands of American families are destitute – their retirement savings vaporized. Job markets in the U.S. are drying up faster than a California watershed.

And yet executives at numerous bailed out corporations are getting golden buy-outs.

And we are surprised. Why are we surprised? We live in a culture of greed. Where pecuniary success is more important that ethics, decency or honest to goodness moral behavior in a civil society.

Thing is… we do not live in a civil society. We live and die by the free market system. It is what it is. And our Western World revolves around it.

Fat cats get their bonuses because that is what the culture dictates. It is a culture of class. Of societal division. Old folks scraping for their pensions do not count for anything. The middle aged dude who has worked at the mill for 35 years does not count for anything. His pension is washed up like so much flotsam and he might end up living in his car – but the Wall street executive will not go a fortnight without his pound of chocolate.

This is reality. President Obama getting all steamed in front of some committee is not going to change anything. It’s window dressing.
One official for one of the corporations getting the golden tinkle from the U.S. government said… “We have contractual obligations to fulfill these bonus contracts…
we are legally obliged to deliver…”

Legally… Obliged

Which is another way of saying… F*ck you, we are the rich, you are the poor – get over it.

Folks. We are either on the cusp of a social revolution like nothing we have ever seen before…
or we are in for a long sleep.

Pick one. And go for it.

Colin Newell is a Victoria resident and pop culture maven. His semi-coherent rants will become somewhat more common place now that he has dug himself out from underneath a pile of dung.