Give ticketmaster a break already

Lay off Ticketmaster already! Let the tickets be!A Winnipeg woman has launched a class action lawsuit against concert ticket giant Ticketmaster for overcharging.

According to the woman’s lawyer, her daughter bought tickets through a Ticketmaster subsidiary for around $200 each when the original ticket price was just $57.

Oh boo-hoo.

I went on line over a year ago to get some Police tickets for the Vancouver show – and much to my surprise, I was redirected to an “associate” auction site to pay exorbitant prices to see the Stingster and his aged colleagues.

Did I buy a ticket? No. I am not paying $500 to see 3 old farts trot out hits from my heyday – music that was much better then thank you very much.

Oddly, I did get a call from the London Times rock editor to talk about it. The rock editor no less.

And I told this wanker the same thing. It is business. It is commerce. If there are some sweet smelling rich people out there that are willing to pay top dollar to ticketmaster for some has been band from the 70’s or 80’s… Well so what!? It is business after all.

London times editor thought, even then, that there outta be a law!


Here’s the deal.
Ticketmaster is a business, yea?
And they are in the business to make money, yea?

Well let them do it.

If there is some sour grape sap out there that is crying into their happy meal because they cannot afford a ticket to some washed up celebrity show – well, suck it up soldier. This is a free market after all.

On behalf of big corporate media, I say…

Sock it to me.