Getting back into the groove – with the launch of V2

Getting on with my life - Coffeecrew V2 liveThere is a sense of relief when you hit the crest of any hill. And in life, there is no shortage of hills. Why do we climb them? I don’t know. Maybe because they are there and we like the view.

Anyway – The V 2.0 is out – for all to see. And dang it, I am a little bit proud… like a new Dad, whose new child has 5 hands and 12 toes (kidding…) – In this case, I have a website… that has taken the content and photos and features from the previous version and moved it forward a click or two. I hope it pleases coffee lovers on some level.

Other things I am working on: Writing a review of the ECM Cellini espresso machine. Reviewing the Sara La Piccola Pod espresso machine. Reviewing a Black box that allows you to turn your PC into an air traffic control center (as an observer of course) with some delays built in. A nice toy with a frighteningly high price tag… So if you are an aspiring pilot or ATC specialist, this might be a wise investment.

Food reviews… have been writing for EAT Magazine British Columbia for the past 3 months – and that is a gig with an almost monthly guarantee of some activity.

I get the feeling sometimes that I have way too much on the go. Then again, you only get one life and this one is not a dress rehearsal.

Anyway. New website. Almost all of my sponsors and ad clients have gotten on board to hand out some prizes and promotions – so if you are looking for some free stuff, check the website from time to time.

As things calm down a bit, I may get back to a rant or two – if I am suitably prompted or provoked. Think of me as a poorly behaved junk yard dog on the end of a very short and rusty chain. Go ahead. Poke a stick at me.

Hats off to Bubby Roses Bakery and their glowing review in Monday magazine. I have been preaching this for years – if you want the very best of anything baked, there is only Bubby Roses. Every other bakery in Victoria are miserable shadows of The Bubby – there, I said it… that should generate some hot water.