Getting back into the groove – with a new website

Time out for actual work - developing the new siteApologies to my regular legion of reader… for my absence. I apologize. Have been crazy busy proofing the new website – well ahead of schedule thank you very much.

I had to borrow another domain name to set up and populate the new site – putting my music project – the two old goats – more or less on standby. Which was OK because that website gets very little traffic.

Which got me picking around for a test domain name… you know – just to play around with. And it came as bit of a surprise to find just how many people are sitting on domain names – I mean, all of them!

My goal, when helping others get an online presence – is to keep URL brief and to the point – but stay catchy and quirky (if appropriate).

And staying away from domain names like BigRedBunniesLeapingInMyFace.Com
Haven’t actually checked that one…

Too much typing. I am more into shorties like or where possible and practical.

Ah, the web. Which reminds me of 2 or 3 conversations I have had this week with folks eager to advertise on the new coffeecrew website – who are fairly new to the information superhighway – and want the leg up that a text link or banner on my popular website would provide… at a very reasonable cost.

The 3 folks reported spending, on average, over 10,000 dollars on a basic website with a simple shopping cart. Is this the average? When I stopped doing paid projects for folks around Victoria, I was charging (typically) under $2000 for a fully functional dynamic website with or without some basic cart features and a domain name.

So what the hell happened?

These days I do a lot of pro bono stuff – just to keep my hand in and feel good about it. I gave up doing paid web development because, by and large, I prefer the lack of pressure – even though I often deliver fully functional solutions within 72 hours of commencing the project. Yea, I guess that is fast.

Anyway – another couple of weeks or so… and I should be able to get back to the good stuff… right here…. on the blog.