Love Canadian Style

An elderly man stands over the grave of his wife. He is visiting here for the 2463rd day in a row. Rain or shine.

A happy pooch (click on photo below) waits patiently outside of Habit Cafe waiting for his master. His expression is priceless.

My coffee companion tells me about the love of his life that he has been courting for the last 3 years. Unrequited. But there is progress.

A bedraggled barista drags himself into the cafe for the first time in 2 weeks. He is a new dad.

I worry about a friend. Is he doing the right thing?

I wish my mother “Happy Valentine’s Day…” – she says… “Back at you Son…”

I remember meeting my sister for the first time. And my Dad.

My wife and I dine at the Fifth Street bar and grill and reflect over 15 previous valentine’s days.

It’s love.