Cafe culture Winter 2009 marathon post number three

Kona Kava Farm from the Big Island of Hawaii

We drink the Kopi Luwak so you do not have to. Then again, you might want to anyway.
It is the job of the CoffeeCrew.Com writers to put their palates on the line to get the story. In an upcoming review we tackle some Island culture with our first ever Canadian review of Kava root.

Thanks go out to Kona Kava Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii for supplying us with a sample bag of some of the finest ground Kava root. Kava has been used in Fiji for 6000 years – as a social drink, as a catalyst of conversation, and part of the very fabric of Island life.

For some strange reason, in Canada, Kava is forbidden from re-sale; in Health food stores, in Herbal stores and other locations that sell tried, true and tested healthful products.

Not that I am an expert or anything – but I think it is a little odd that the Federal Government (with the backing of the Pharmaceutical industry [Big Pharma]) has stamped out Kava in this fashion.

Apparently there have been 3 cases of liver toxicity with Kava use (in Canada) – and that alone warranted the pull from the shelf order.
Liver damage eh? Doesn’t excessive consumption of beer and wine do that too?

Yea. I thought so. Anyway – stay tuned for our report.

In other news, yours truly is writing for Eat Magazine and (hopefully) will be a regular fixture in that wonderful publication.