The World around us – in crisis – Ed Begley Junior

Ed Begley Junior on the EnvironmentI write and talk about Cafe culture and my life with coffee – it is a niche area that has been good for me and hopefully good for people that actually work in the industry… like the farmers and their families… and even a cafe or two.

But it is not something that is going to net me a huge audience that would fill an auditorium and get me round after round of ovation and accolade.

Because it’s coffee – and although millions drink it and love it… It isn’t Earth shattering.

Ed Begley Jr. talks about the environment and sustainability – the path we are on – the crisis that we are in – and the actual real tangible hope that is before us.

We saw Ed Begley Jr. at the University of Victoria Center auditorium tonight and he made sense. Sure he was preaching to the converted – like Andrea and I… and our dear friend Sheila. But I am sure there were one or two cynics in the crowd. I mean, I sure hope so. Because a converted cynic in hand is worth two converts in the bush…

Whatever the heck that means.

Anyway. I wish Ed would come to coffee one day because I share a table in our cafe with a couple of anti-global warming bobble-heads. That is, they hear an AM talk-show host say that there is no global-warming or environmental crisis… and they believe it without question.

Ed’s message is simple: “Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to the Sierra Club. Don’t listen to AM radio or the Right Wing media.
No. Pick something you trust… like National Geographic… or someone with a Phd after their name… like a University professor who actually knows what she or he is talking about – and at least listen”

Ed’s the voice of reason. So we listened to him. And although we kind of are already on that sustainable – environmental bandwagon, there is a lot more that we can do for the Planet.

Ed also says… “Do not listen to the message about not being able to afford change or afford the environment…”

The message is: We cannot afford not to listen.
Ed speaks in a compelling way, without being too preachy – giving real World practical examples about how everyone can do their part – however small.

Anyway – do yourself a favor and check this guy out if you can – or visit his website.
Postscript – thanks for the e-mail Ed! Appreciated.