Winter follies countdown to Hawaii boast #5

Starting the seven day count-down to departure for the Islands of Hawaii. Have not been blogging much lately – in week 4 of a persistent head and chest cold – got to get this whipped before next week for obvious reasons.

Maybe going to a Hockey game tonight was not the brightest move.

Oh well.

The official Hawaiian trip name for this expedition is “The Hell or High Water” tour. As soon as the plane lifts off the runway, the call sign will change to the “Hawaii Five Oh” tour – I think some close friends will get this – it is pretty obvious.

It is funny about travel. You would think we were leaving the Planet for 3 months in space. It is little more than 2 weeks away and I feel like I have spent the last 10 months working out the details. It is not rocket science.

Anyway – the biggest challenge is deciding how many radio type gadgets to take along. And you know… and I am almost ashamed to say this – I have given very little thought to the coffee aspect of this trip. And that is supposed to be a big part of the visit to Kona. I have done very little in the way of arranging tours or contacting anybody – which is a shame. I have some special friends in Honolulu who are going to be guiding a few tours and they are in the coffee business (on an academic basis) but not necessarily with the farm in mind. Better get on that so as to not entirely shred my credibility.

Thankfully, our digs, one condo in Waikiki and one in Kona both have wi-fi so staying on the grid will not be a problem. We will have one night in Hilo so as to take advantage of the Volcano.

Stay tuned.