Winter follies countdown to Hawaii boast #4

Hilo Hawaii December 2008 coffee get-away ChristmasJust discovered a hidden benefit to getting away to Hawaii in a couple of weeks…

Getting away from Stephen Harper. And St├ęphane Dion. And Gilles Duceppe. And Jack Layton.

Picture at right: Historic downtown Hilo, Hawaii – we will be staying there during our 12 day visit to the Big Island

We wasted 150 million on a Federal election that was hardly 1 and 1/2 months ago – on a whim direct from Stephen Harper’s starved ego. And the first chance he got to reach out to the opposition, he engaged in partisan politics and pissed everyone off.

In my opinion, Stephen Harper is a neo-con weasel underneath an expensive haircut. He does not appear to be particularly fond of women, or children or the Canadian fabric and infrastructure itself.

Stephen Harper would have made a great Roman leader; he is just nutty enough to squander every ounce of good will that the houses of Parliament have in Ottawa – and is more than ok with fiddling away our tax dollars while the Canadian electorate burns with rage. With indignation. With resolve.

A far cry from how a lot of us felt 60 days ago when this nimrod was trying to appeal to our sensibilities in a plaid sweater – pitching the image of the common man.
Those of us who voted in opposition did not buy it. Because we know that Stephen Harper holds nothing but waddle shaking contempt for women seeking wage parity in the work-place – for underprivileged children living in poverty – for the crumbling infrastructure of the Canadian mosaic.

This just in: St├ęphane Dion will probably resign in a day or so. Stephen Harper would be wise to do the same thing. Put aside the bullshit partisan politics and get down to the serious business of saving the Canadian economy.

In the meantime, I am leaving the Country on the 19th of December. I will be taking my shortwave radios (primarily for Canadian news and views…) – but you know… the way I am feeling these days, I may point the antennas in THE OTHER DIRECTION!

Peace and Aloha friends!