Winter follies count down to Hawaii boast #1

Small changes coming to this blog. Done with ranting about the Olympics. There is some good local Government in Vancouver now – people voted for change and got it. In the next Provincial election, Gordon Campbell will probably have his ass kicked out of office and replaced with something equally bad leaning in the opposite direction.

It is up to the electorate (which I am a microscopic part of…)

Anyway – in about a month or so, heading off to Hawaii for a much needed vacation – some coffee research and a general get-away from the everyday of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Will be blogging from there via a small PC connected to the wireless network at our digs.

Vacation is pretty much paid for (in advance) – which is cool. Only thing to worry about is eating, drinking and not taking in too much Sun.

More changes. New years resolution in advance. No more negative crap and rants. Have been doing some writing for a food magazine in the Province of B.C. – have had some stuff printed and hope to do more. Coming off as a raving loonie tune will not be doing much for my cred – but I hope to stay a little funny.

Will be working with Bob Harris in the new year on a new look for his site and possible some face-lifts to CoffeeCrew.Com and (my telecom page). All good.

Anyway – stay tuned friendly reader.