Fall Colors Canadian Style – Last minute election attack ads

I am not a big fan of Stephen Harper – but I am not so much against the man to think that he would make a terrible Prime Minister – fact is, he will probably do way better than anything I could come up with.

And St├ęphane Dion? Same thing. Or Jack Layton… and Elizabeth May… or Gilles Duceppe… all the same.

So what is with these increasingly absurd attack ads in the last week leading up to the election?

Vote for Stephen Harper and be prepared to lose all your money… and your hair. Are you prepared to risk it?

A Jack Layton majority is… bad. Really bad. You know what will happen if you vote for Jack Layton? You might as well raise the Red flag over Ottawa. Your children will come home stoned and pregnant… or worse. Is that what you really want?

St├ęphane Dion is bad for Canada. And your blood pressure. A vote for the Liberals is a lethal pill that will put to you sleep. A sleep that you will not wake up from. And while you sleep, your home will be broken into… by monkeys. Monkeys with mischief on their minds. Mischief and chaos. Is that what you want?

Alright. A vote for Elizabeth May and her Green party will cause your skin to peel off, your children will rebel and ultimately kill you… and while they are dancing on your grave they will quickly become crack addicts – but you will not care, because you will be frozen in a dozen pieces in a freezer next to 15 pounds of ribs from M&M Meats. Is that what you want?

Finally. A vote for Gilles Duceppe is a vote for New France. And that is just plain Crazy!

Anyway. Get out there and vote. For something. And someone.