Fall Colors Canadian Style – Too scared to blog

Canadian Maple Leaf forever trying economic tips sub-primeIt is week 5 of the Canadian election campaign and week 63 of the American election campaign. The markets are falling like Canada geese at a Dick Cheney hunting party. Peace of mind is now receding faster than my hairline and optimism is a word best reserved for a good bottle of Pinot Noir.

Hope is not entirely lost – but I am not entirely sure where I put it either… probably under that sweltering pile of broken dreams – next to my shattered mutual funds.

On a brighter note, I have started counting down the days and weeks to our vacation in Hawaii – and by then I should be in a good position to buy a few houses while I am there.

So life is not so bad if you are, like me, a 40 something steadily employed dude worried a little about the future. The real trepidation should be with our seniors and later in life retired folks who are either in retirement or thinking of it soon. Those, who were once looking at sprucing up the cottage – now double checking on that noose knot, having just opened their financial statements.

Is it just me or does dread hang in the air like the pall of a train wreck? I haven’t had any good news since Britney was released from rehab – and although the Biden – Palin debates provided about as much calm and diversion as half-a-milligram of Valium (never touched the stuff actually…) the reality is, (like you) I am feeling the sting of reality too many hours of too many days.

The upside is – I feel like giving and receiving hugs more than I ever have. Any takers? I am finding humor in absolutely the oddest places – which is good… best medicine and all.

Anyway – hang in there folks. We are all in this together.
This just in folks – just googled the word coffee and I am number 2 behind Wikipedia out of 328,000,000 possible links.
I feel oddly better – but I still feel like Number Two – especially today.