Fall Colors Canadian Style – Your election spin from gonzales

Stephen Harper - too scary to trust - too harmful to considerGonzales – Fairfield is actually a neighborhood in Victoria, not Los Angeles.

And while driving through this particularly tony neighborhood I made a note of the signs shilling for our up coming election.

Photo right – when the Boogey-Man wakes up at night, who does he fear is in the closet or under the bed? That’s right: Stephen Harper!

Please note that the average house price in Gonzales Fairfield is about 1 million dollars – and these are houses without water views. These are people with money and a head on their shoulders.

The overwhelming conclusion was that the NDP (Our Canadian Socialist Party) had cornered the market on lawn decoration political pitch lumber fixtures… with the Liberals at a distant second. I saw one Conservative (Harper) sign. It was very small and almost ashamed of itself.

Truth is, anyone with more than a grade eight education is going to be able to see through Stephen Harper’s Scary ultra-right wing micro-managed agenda of pandering to his right-wing buddies in the U.S. of freaking me out A. – and his Bay Street business buddies in Toronto, Canada.

I really feel that on October 14, 2008 – the election day, that we could see a coalition of NDP and Liberals building a government – that is, if we do not see yet another Conservative minority.

And the only reason that this is happening is because we do not have a Liberal leader with a personality. Yes, he has a brain. But he is generally gutless and forgettable – and that is a bad combination.

Side-bar. My creative partner, Bob Harris, of BobHarris.com has been recovering in a Beijing hospital from a severe case of eat the deep-fried Scorpion on a stick and pay the price. In Bob’s own words… his own personal portrayal of Crouching Tourist, Shitting Dragons is coming to a theater near you – Trust Bob to find a gastrointestinal microbiological perfect storm in the obviously squeaky clean streets of Beijing.