Fall Colors Canadian Style – With glowing hearts we blog to thee

Does the contempt VANOC feels towards the citizens of Canada know no bounds? Two phrases borrowed from Canada’s national anthem have been scooped as the motto for the 2010 Olympics. VANOC has already taken steps to protect the commercial rights to the lines.

The lines “With glowing hearts” from the English version and “Des plus brillants exploits” from the French version will soon be slapped on the disposable Olympic merchandise that will soon start arriving from China.

Hopefully the cheap Oly togs will not contain too much melamine.

John Furlong, VANOC chief apologist mused… ““It embodies the emotions every athlete will feel — no matter where they are from or what flag they stand under — when they have the honor to represent their own country on the world’s grandest international stage in 2010…”

Let me tell you something about athletic emotions:
When they arrive in the Olympic village in 2010, they will be thinking about two things – getting fed and getting laid. That is what athletes think about. Nothing more and hardly anything less.

VANOC have already taken small businesses in the Vancouver area to court for using the word Olympic in their names — even ones in existence long before the Games were awarded to Vancouver — and they have largely failed – because there is little merit and because few people buy into their pathetic rhetoric.

Here is the thing about the IOC. They leave a staggering slag heap of smoking debt where ever they lay their princely heads – and Whistler/Vancouver will be no different. And where we are not buried in fiscal chaos, we will be inundated with worthless polyester threads from Mainland China.

What a pile of crap. Oh Canada.