Fall Colors Canadian Style – White Rabbit Candy Go ask alice

White Rabbit antifreeze melamine candy yummy ChinaIf you work in a busy office or lab like I do, you will know that the summer days are often powered with strong coffee, home made muffins and mystery candy from China.

And one of these tasty confections making the rounds was White Rabbit creamy candy. It is cheap and you can buy it by the bucket full.

But unlike the Kopi Luwak, I did not eat the candy.

Working on a University campus that is patrolled by hundreds of rabbits, many of them white (and decidedly inbred), I avoid candies and snacks with the brand name, flavor or ingredient; Rabbit, Student, Professor and Textbook… I mean, it only makes sense.

White Rabbit candy is exported to Chinatowns around the world, including those in Toronto and Vancouver, says CBC’s China correspondent Anthony Germain.

The news of contamination of White Rabbit candy comes a day after the CFIA advised Canadians not to consume three Mr. Brown 3-in-1 instant coffee products — imported from China — because they may contain melamine.

Mr. Brown. Your coffee keeps me warm. In more ways than one.

On Sunday, the agency also warned people not to consume Nissin Cha Cha Dessert, a Chinese dessert mix, made with Yili Pure Milk that was possibly tainted with melamine.

Nearly 53,000 children have been sickened and four have died in China after being fed baby formula tainted with melamine.

IOC Connection alert: Chinese physicians alerted the Chinese government prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics about the milk issue. The Chinese government buried the news (and naturally the ICO is complicit) – the result dead children.

In September 2008, taking candy from a baby is now a good thing. It is a necessary thing. And by the way, take the milk too!