Summer fun food and drink – Snowbirds – why do we need them

Snow Birds Canada military aerobatic jet team - why?For the record. I have never been a big fan of parades.
For 2 reasons.
Militarism and clowns.
Yes. I meant that to represent two things.
And although there is a proud career of military service in my family… when service actually meant something… and when the causes were real and just.
Unlike these days. When there are more questions than answers about our mission in Afghanistan.
So I have to ask.
What is the point of the Snow Birds aerobatic flying team?
I have been watching them out of the corner of my eye for over 2 decades. And it is always the same. They fly up. They fly down. Two jets approach each other at high speed and turn away at the last second… as if there was ever any danger of collision – because there isn’t.
The Snow Birds aerobatic team, in the 21st century, is nothing more than a wasteful pile of noise and smoke. Think carbon footprint. I am sure the Snow Birds aerobatic meant something to someone years ago. Now it is simply a pile of CO2 and unburnt jet fuel, ear jangling noise – a pet frightening cacophony that has no place in any civilized community.
And yet today in Victoria, the streets were filled with sweaty and eager punters lining the Dallas Road and Beacon Hill park to gawk at the archaic spectacle.
Whatever. Take your children and pets with you.
And when little Johhny or Julie asks you what it all means… I dare you to come up with an answer that makes any sense.
And if you can, explain it to me. Because I would love to know.