Summer food fun and drink – feel the love at J & J Wonton Noodle House

J & J Wonton House on Fort Street Victoria

Just prior to getting married in the mid-nineties, Andrea and I watched with great anticipation the opening of J & J Wonton Noodle House. For the life of me I cannot remember quite why. Maybe as marriage is a new beginning, so the opening of a new restaurant plays a symbolic role in that chapter.

So. J &J Wonton Noodle House opened in 1994 by Head Chef Joseph Wong, the restaurant is a family run business, bringing the authentic style of Chinese cooking from all over China. Joseph has over 20 years of experience and has won countless number of awards. He previously owned Szechuan Resturant in Victoria, he then decided to re-challenge himself and opened J and J Wonton Noodle House which has become more successful than his last culinary adventure.

For me, the joy of J & J, in part, is being greeting by the ever lovely and vivacious Lillian – Lillian, who has been at J & J since day one seemed to recognize us on our 2nd and subsequent visits.

About 56 visits later, we are still feeling that love.

Lately I have been popping in for semi-business lunches – today for example, I met up with baker-mentor-friend Mark Engels of Bubby Roses Bakery. We both ordered soup – and in Mark’s case, we got the soup that Lillian thought was best for him. Is that caring or what? No one cares what I order! Actually – Lillian does care and explained why the Sichuan Shrimp Noodle soup was more appropriate for me over the Spicy Ginger Beef Noodle soup that Mark got. Sorry. No explanation for you punters out there on internet land.

Anyway – Mark and I both agreed that we have a crush on Lillian and a love for the food at J & J Wonton Noodle House – a joint that is as much embedded in the fabric of foodie in Victoria… as the hanging baskets are part of the streets of the city.

Lunches at J & J are typically under $10 with Tea. The service is prompt, professional and filled with attentive love.