Summer fun food and drink – a burning in Seattle

Eco cups can burn baby burn scald look out ouch

Attended Seattle Coffee fest this weekend – overall it was a great time and I will have a much larger report on it shortly.

My rant is on the current issue with the new bio-eco friendly coffee and tea to-go cups that are appearing in cafes everywhere.

What happened was this: My wife and I were in a Bakery in Seattle and while Andrea was preparing her cup of Tea, the Eco-friendly cup collapsed in her hand splashing her with water just off the boil!

Angry I was yes. Frustrated indeed.
We immediately got ice on it and kept it iced for almost 3 hours and she did not need a hospital visit.

Ok. I know all about all the law suits over coffee and take out cups. It is old news. The real issue are these new eco friendly and biodegradable “paper” cups that collapse when you breathe on them… or start to biodegrade the moment the product is poured into them.

My wife dodged a bullet. Many people will not be dodging this bullet and there needs to be more testing of these new eco-friendly products.

Ironically, a gentleman at the next table came over and offered: “I saw the whole thing…” (me now thinking he is a lawyer…) and he turned his hand over revealing a massive weeping scald blister from when he burned his hand a week earlier in the same bakery.

Bakeries and cafes: Get with the program and stop putting your customers at risk!