Summer food fun and drink – black hole swallow internet

Swiss CERN Black Hole eats planet needs GavisconScientists at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) plan to smash particle beams together at close to the speed of light to create mini-versions of the explosion believed to have triggered the birth of the cosmos.

Not quite like cloning Dolly the sheep… but curious none the less.

So. Tomorrow. The World might end with a giant Moob

Moob. That is the opposite of… well, you know.

A black hole, in theory, has such intense gravity that matter can move into it approaching the speed of light.

Such things actually exist in the Universe. At a great distance from us, thank heavens.
Mini-Moobs, like White Dwarves exist within 10 light years. 8.6 Light years actually.

While not as crazy as Black Holes, the White Dwarf is pretty intense from a physics point of view – a couple of square inches of material from a W.D. weighs in at over a ton. A couple of square inches of a black hole weighs in at… well, actually… pretty close to infinite weight. Help me Jenny Craig, help me!

So. Cosmologists think an explosion of an object the size of a Canadian nickel occurred about 13.7 billion years ago and led to the formation of all matter. Stockwell Day would argue 3000 years ago – but that is another matter. Get it? Matter?

Never mind.

Some critics say the experiment will create “black holes” of intense gravity that could implode the Earth, or that it will open the way for beings from another universe to invade through a “worm hole” in space-time. Cool. When they come through the gate, I will be waiting with my phaser…

And that bad boy won’t be set to stun I promise you.

Anyway. Have a nice day.