Summer food fun and drink – time to butt out this theme

Smokie the outdoor balcony smoker pisses off his neighborsIt is a beautiful summer night in our concrete and steel tower overlooking the miserable neighborhood of Rockland… Million dollar houses. Rich folks with their noses in the air.

And now I know why.

They are trying to breathe.

On this perfect night, Andrea and I open the windows to let in a softening breeze. The mid-September evening is rich with a delicate sea breeze and the aroma of summer drawing to a close.

But wait, there is more. The slow moving zephyr brings in the noxious assault of a neighbor puffing away on her balcony.
She has a new baby and she is crashing with her folks. Naturally, we would not want her exposing her bambino to the effects of second hand Butt smoke.

So let’s expose the neighbors instead. What we could find out!
Oops. Digression.

The way I see it: If someone does not give a rodents ass what they press and suck into their mouthes, they sure as heck are not going to spend much time worrying about my lungs.

Oh well. I need to be more patient. She has a new baby. No father. And no one is going to be kissing her anytime soon.

It sucks.
So please don’t exhale.