Summer food fun and drink – great food at Santiago`s Victoria

Santiago's 660 Oswego Street Victoria B.C. CanadaEveryone needs or should have an alternative kitchen. That special place for celebrating special things… like Tuesdays… or the third Sunday of the week… or a crescent moon… or that you and yours have survived another day in the paradise that is Victoria B.C. Canada.

Days where you do not want to cook. Days where paradise doesn’t seem so great. Days that you just want to be frivolous and let someone bring you food in exchange for a few bucks.

Santiago’s in scenic and historic James Bay, Victoria is not only that place (for us) but I think it is the place for a few other locals (and tourists) as well. Santiago’s restaurant is a stones throw from the inner harbor and the economic tourist heart of greater Victoria. Another good thing. For us, it is a 7 minute drive from our miserable neighborhood of million dollar homes in Rockland. How depressing is that?

Anyway – we have been going to Santiago’s several times a month for a couple of years now – and I guess it’s time we let a few people in on the secret.

Their menu is somewhat Chilean. Somewhat Thai. Somewhat Spanish.
And while some might find this a bit of a mish-mash… We find it delightful.

Where else are you going to go when you are not sure if you are in the mood for the cities best Nacho’s, or one of the cities best burgers, or one of Victoria’s best bowl of Chipotle Mussels, or an awesome quesadilla?

The menu at Santiago’s is extensive, yes – but they do it all well, really well.
And consistent? I have had some of the dishes over a dozen times and I have never been let down. There is never an evening where the kitchen is off. It has yet to happen for us.

I do have a few favorites: The chipotle prawns is a balance of heat and delicate flavors – its heat is not for the faint of heart. I get it with a side of rice (arguably the best rice in town – blazing hot with the consistency of snow flakes…) and I always have their food with a sleeve of draft beer. Their small order of Nachos is large enough for 3 people and comes with an in-house Salsa, Guacamole and corn chips. Yes, they make their own corn chips! Finally, my wife loves the Chipotle Mussels. It is hot and creamy with a seductive smokiness – and served with a brick of fresh bread for dipping. You will be dipping. Trust me.

We have been there dozens of times now and I love these folks. After a hearty meal, they always offer up the dessert menu – and we have succumbed once – for an ice cream treat that is suitable for 2 or 3 people and big spoons.

At under $40 for two, including drinks, Santiago’s in James Bay-Inner Harbor Victoria represents fabulous value and incredible eats!