Summer food fun and drink – Say no to an unnecessary election

Sieg Heil Mister Prime Minister Stephen HarperPrime Minister Stephen Harper… leader of the ruling party in Canada… a minority government. Until now a reasonably effective minority government.

But apparently that is not good enough for Steve-o-reno. No no no.

He wants it all.

So he is breaking a law he created.

He wants to call an election. He wants to bring down his own government by throwing in various monkey-wrenches of his own creation and by urging various government committees to futz up their own functionality – triggering a lack of faith in government…
triggering a collapse of this minority conservative government.

Photo above: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper really needs to pick another arm gesture/salute.

Stephen Harper: I am a borderline conservative but you are a conservative fraud. You are running election ads before there is an election. Shame on you.
You struck a law setting fixed elections. You are breaking that law. Shame on you.

I am not a big fan of Liberal leader, Dion… but I am now much less of a fan of you and your self-serving conservative wonks and cronies.

And you know what I think we are going to end up with in the Fall… after this next staged phony election?

Another minority government and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars.

Shame on your Mister Prime Minister, you no good Conservative Wonk!