Summer fun food and drink – 2010 Vancouver Oly rant

My definition of irony:

Deflecting bad vibes with his fingertips - Mister GordGordon Campbell and his band of merry scoundrels (The Liberal Party) are dropping in the polls.

Now wouldn’t it be ironic (Don’t you think…) if Gordo was ousted in the next election? An election date that he cast into law.

And he would miss Jock Fest 2010…
At least as premier of the Province that is…

By then he could be a member of VANOC… which is largely land developers anyway.

Something to think about. In the photo above, Mister Premier deflects bad words, thoughts and odors with his fingertips – let’s see if he can pull the next election out of his hat. What!? No hat? Whoops!