Summer food fun and drink – Who wouldn’t enjoy a coffee scrub

Caffeinated facial coffee scrub - try some - feel buzzyI enjoy a good cup of coffee from time to time. Ok. Every day. Sometimes several times a day.
I also enjoy a good shower once a day. Ok. Sometimes more than once a day… depends on what is going on.

And when it hit me… the water from the shower head that is. It occurred to me, that if I could combine these two simple pleasures somehow, I could save a step or two in the average persons day.

So I tried combining a coffee maker with a shower head… and then I tried pouring hot coffee on my body… that didn’t work very well. And I tried actually drinking my black coffee while showering… and the coffee was diluted.

Looking around the shower room for ideas… I spotted the soap… in the tub… in front of me. As I stepped forward, onto it… and slipping… it hit me… the back of the tub. After I died, I figured, that had I added the coffee to the soap or a sudsing scrub… an exfoliating product would have resulted that would fit my requirements perfectly; it is an exfoliant scrub, it sudses and it has coffee in it. Perfect.

Before I gasped my last breath, I passed along my idea to a friend who produces wonderful soaps and lotions – and here it is. Check it out. Buy some. I would have wanted it that way.