Summer food fun and drink – Slow food – Prawn and Goat Cheese Linguini

Nothing says Summer love better than a nice batch of pasta topped with fresh local ingredients… like Goat cheese from the Saltspring Island Cheese Company – And when we visited the Farm store off of Beaverpoint Road on Reynolds, we were delighted by… well… everything.

Photo above – Canon EOS-30D 50MM Macro F11 Camry 300 Watt/s Softbox

Frankly, Andrea and I did not know what to expect. Sheep? Goats? Goat herders? Julie Andrews? Apparently, the sheep and goats were on a coffee break because the only sign of life were the staff hard at work on their products. And the tasting room! Holy fromage heavens! Every product in their dairy roster was available for noshing along with a wide variety of crispy crunchy things. And to be fair – we found ourselves here because we had just visited Salt Spring Vineyards and the neighborly Garry Oak Winery – in all seriousness readers, this has to be the safest wine tour on the planet Earth. Salt Spring Island has two wineries… so even if you swallow, you are not going to get hooped or looped if you are behind the wheel – Some of the wine sampling was paired with canapé made from the local chèvre and locally made crackers. Conspiracy! Anyway… here is what we did with the cheese… at least… some of it!

Prawn and Goat Cheese Linguini

12 Prawns – Cleaned
1/2 cup sliced white Onions
6 asparagus spears
1 Roma tomato – chopped
1/2 Cup marinated artichoke hearts
1/8 cup artichoke heart liquor
3/4 cup Salt Spring Island goat cheese

Pasta of choice

Sauté the prawns in a frying pan with one tablespoon Canola oil 2 minutes each side – drain on paper towel.
Sauté onions and asparagus spears (sliced in 1” pieces) 6 minutes
Add artichoke hearts and liquor – stir to blend
Added chopped tomato
Add 3/4 of the goat cheese – stir to blend over heat until melted
Add 1/2 ladle of pasta water to the vegetable mix and stir to blend.

Just prior to pasta being cooked, put remaining goat cheese in vegetable mixture.
Cover with drained pasta. Basil and pepper to taste.
Stir to mix.
Return prawns to dish for a final blend.

Serves 2 – Wine pairing: Red Rooster Meritage