Summer food fun and drink – Enjoy an Okanagan Meritage Today

Andrea asks… “When does your Summer Food Fun and Drink series end? And what are you going to call the new series?”

Good question.

Was thinking something along the lines of Autumn Leaves Feast of Fields… in celebrating harvest… something that resonates with me… having grown up on a small farm. It is calm. It is subtle.

Or we could call it Listeria Hysteria Pass me the Bacon Mildred…

Not so subtle.

Speaking of which, Sunday morning I was gazing fondly at a portion of Maple Leaf bacon in the fridge on Sunday whilst whipping up some of my not-yet-famous Non-Dairy Waffles… Kids love `em and you will too!

And what goes better with a nice linear stack of waffles than 8 slices of bacon?
Especially when the threat of illness, death and cholesterol posed by contaminated meats – rests over your head like a scimitar hanging by one hair from your grandmothers head…

Anyway – a Olympian tug-of-war ensued between Andrea and I… I won. Bacon in pan.

And apart from the bacon tasting vaguely like Kopi Luwak all was well –

Today in Wine: Enjoyed a 2005 Red Rooster Meritage with dinner. It had pretty bold oak that merged as the wine caught a breath. There were fairly focused blue-berry notes, some pluminess and sufficiently chewy to sustain the pairing…


Vegetarian nachos.
There. I said it.