Summer Food Fun and Drink – Cafe Brio reviewed in Victoria

Summer food fun drink Canadian food blog Victoria Cafe BrioThere are 3 reasons to go to a restaurant like Cafe Brio.

1.) You are entertaining good friends from out of town and need them to feel comfortable short of strapping on your own apron and making them a home cooked meal…
2.) You are entertaining bad friends from out of town and need to placate them as fast as possible before they summon the Mothra and destroy everything you know and love…
3.) You are out with that special someone and you want to be able to turn that special event (It`s the 2nd Tuesday of the month, or Hey, look, it`s raining! or Wow, look how well I loaded the dishwasher!) into a really special event where you both feel relaxed, comfortable and, in all ways, loved.

Cafe Brio is that place – and in a city of 350,000, there are few places that can handle all these critical situations with aplomb and grace.

So Today. Sunday. Was selection number 3. Andrea and I decided that no reason was reason plenty to treat ourselves to one of Victoria`s best restaurants. You know, sometimes the most joy extracted from an event is when the event was planned, like milliseconds earlier… and today was no exception to that rule.

And the moment you walk through the doors at Cafe Brio, and are greeted and seated by owner/partner Greg Hays, you know everything is going to be perfect.

So we ordered a 16 ounce Rib-Eye from the legendary Quist Family Island Farm (Cowichan Valley) and a suitably fat Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon with the frite and garlic aoli. Yes, that is a 16 ounce to share. Medium-rare. And spot on.

And within the first few bites and sips, the stresses melt away. I comment to Andrea that Cafe Brio is like Rick`s Cafe from the movie Casablanca – “What do you mean, there is a War going on out there?” Cafe Brio is the food equivalent of a back rub. As familiar as an old friend and as dependable as gravity. If Cafe Brio does not satiate every food group requirement and emotional need, then there is nothing we can do for you.

Cafe Brio Restaurant is located at 944 Fort St.,Victoria, B.C. – a few short blocks up from Douglas Street and the inner harbor. They advise reservations which you can make at 250-383-0009 or Toll-Free at 1-866-270-5461 – but if it was a day like today; raining gum drops… you can probably walk in at 6 PM and find a wide variety of great tables to pick from.

Epilog – We were sated after Steak and Wine… but to top things off, we had coffee, Crème brûlée and an ounce or so of Calvados
Life is good.