Summer fun food and drink – CBC TV Steven and Chris Show

CBC TV Steven and Chris - CoffeeCrew team as guests
The best thing about Food and Drink culture in Canada, I think, is sharing it with the ones you love… and sharing it with complete strangers.

And whether it is a TV thing, a radio spot or a newspaper article – I like the exposure that the food and cafe scene gets…

No. Not the exposure that I get… the exposure that the scene gets.

Because trust me, brothers and sisters, the message is much prettier than I am! If anyone recalls my appearance on WTN (The Womens Network) episode of “The Shopping Bags” – Well, they will recall that I was actually more wooden than Jean Claude Van Damme – my TV delivery a cross between a bad action hero, diction more like Horatio from CSI Miami crossed with the peppy patter of William Shatner tossed in to seal the deal.

This is why I am on the web.

Which is not to say that I will turn down a good offer. Because I rarely do.
But I had to pass on a wonderful opportunity to one of my most talented assistants in the last few days. After getting an offer from the producer of the CBC TV’s fabulously successful Steven & Chris Home show – to appear in Toronto next Tuesday – for a taping of one of their shows… about coffee no less, I had to acquiesce… fairly willingly I might add.
Because I have great people in Toronto – one in particular, Sara Lee Spector, the ever effervescent host and roast-mistress at St. Lawrence Markets Every Day Gourmet caffeine hot spot.

Toronto is a city of 5 million. And half of those people line up for her great lattes and cappuccinos at her lower level shop in the historic market on Front Street – Toronto.
And Sara has been in the business for going on 2 decades. So who could possibly know more about Toronto’s cafe culture than her?

Exactly. So I will stay put and plug the heck out of the event. Times and dates to follow!