Summer fun food and drink – Pemberton Music Festival afterglow

How is (was) the day after Pemberton Music Festival like Beijing (a mere 2 weeks before the Olympics)?

Answer: Pollution. Garbage. Clutter. Rubbish. Discards.

There are a handful of things that really get my goat… and one of them are the people that get all Enviro on the World, all Hippied out in their split-window VW’s (one of the most polluting vehicles on the planet) along with virtually anything else made by Volkswagen… girls who eschew shaving their armpits and dudes who eschew personal hygiene for a weekend… who espouse Groovy, Peace and Love all over the place…

And then litter the f*cking crap out of our pristine countryside.
What is wrong with you people?

A news clip showed the absolutely astounding detritus, flotsam and jetsam; $300 dollar tents used once. Camp stoves, still warm. Coffee percolators, still warm. Clothing. Sleeping bags. Un-opened bags of food. Discarded without a thought.

Begs the question: What is wrong with you people?

I am no saint, but these huge music festivals are quite literally the last places I would want to be on Earth – and one of the reasons has been illustrated above.
Yea. If I want to hang out with pigs, I will go to the farm for an afternoon…
And pick up after myself.
So. You do the same please.

Peace out.