Summer fun food and drink – Bottomless in Australia

As a Canadian, I have fun with the Australians. I mean, we are a lot alike. Canadians and Aussies love coffee. But currently, the Aussies have one up on us here in North America…

Click on photo at left for the zippy view

Their culture is espresso-centric.

That means that everything is based on espresso coffee. Everything is built upon it.

In Canada, we are less focused… and anything goes. That means coffee shops that pride themselves on their espresso, their drip coffee, their mud, their latte art, their French press and their Clover… and so on. And so on. And so on.

Oh yea. Forgot one. Our Tim Horton’s.

In Australia, the coffee experience springs from a point source and that point source is espresso coffee. And from an esoteric point of view, this allows a people (the Aussies) and a culture (being Australian) to be the absolute best that anyone can be at something (espresso culture).

Representing this wave is Crema Magazine in Australia – they have been around for a few years documenting the ascent of coffee greatness… I mean, espresso greatness. I have been fortunate enough to have a few pictures published in Crema magazine – which is cool… And I would love to do more… If they would let me. So. Hats off to the great people at Crema Magazine!

Oh yea – Photo above is of the single boiler Innova espresso – modified and sold by Geir Oglend of the Drumroaster Cafe on Vancouver Island – to be reviewed on CoffeeCrew.Com real soon.