Summer food fun and drink – The Classic Ice cream battle

Victoria B.C. Canada best Ice Cream - Get Real!

Once a year there is a corporate magazine that hits the stands called (I think…) The Best of Victoria or Victoria`s Best Stuff or Shit we think you should want
or something like that…
and what burns me about it – is that (in my humble opinion…) It is a crock of information cooked up by Men and Women in expensive suits and no brains.

Example: (and this, my friends, triggered my now legendary “Victoria`s Best Cafe”) — as chosen by the readers of the CoffeeCrew.Com website…
Anyway… the example:

Where is Victoria’s Best Coffee?
Number one choice… Starbucks.
Number two choice… Serious Coffee. (Yikes, and to think that Geir and I actually wrote the catch phrase – Want great coffee, Get Serious!
and Number three choice? Never mind. By now you should be scratching your head.

Okay. Next example:
Where is Victoria’s Best Ice Cream?
Answer. Number One… Beacon Drive In
Uhm. Hello? Does the Beacon actually serve anything with Dairy in it? I have it on a pretty good source that they do not serve anything with Dairy in it at the Beacon Drive In. It is a vegetable oil product or something (To the best of my knowledge…) Correct me if I am wrong thank you very much.
If you are interested, I think their number two choice for Victoria`s best Ice-cream is Baskin-Robbins or Ben and Jerry. From a Mall no less…

Say it with me friends… Jane! Stop this crazy thing!.

Seriously – The best Ice Cream in Victoria is a bit of a toss up. It could be Sweet Memories on Government street. It could be perennial favorite Mister Tubbs on Burnside Avenue. It could be the new Rogers Ice Cream Parlor (open hardly 2 weeks) on Government Street. Ice Cream is kind of personal, I guess – and I beg our readers (not just regulars Jeanie and Cheryl) to express their Moo-Pinions in the comment field.

Listen up you corporate boot lickers: Ice Cream is made with milk. Not Hydrogenated f*cking Vegetable oil! I have to take Lactaid prior to eating any Ice Cream and I am proud of it.
In fact, if there is a God, she is probably made of pure Ice-Cream… with milk and chocolate syrup running through her veins – Oh great lady of the Dairy I worship you. And If she uses cold cream (and I doubt it), it is probably real cream – without a drop of trans-fat.

Did you know that there are 2 types of Ice Cream eaters out there; lickers and chewers? I am a chewer. I bite and chew ice cream. Always have. Go figure.

Oh yea. According to this mysterious Cities Best according to the Establishmentarian`s Magazine The Best burger in Town?
McDonald`s apparently. :-/ Right. Listen up Corporate toadies: Victoria`s Best anything is all home grown, all Mom & Pop, all Local
Not McDonald`s. Not Starbucks. Not Ben & Frickin Jerries.