Summer fun food and drink – Avoiding that mood killing moment in your favorite haunt

I see that you are gangsta - I am pretty gangsta myself!Picture this. You are just settling into your favorite table at your favorite cafe or bistro with your favorite girl or boy… the wine is poured… the music plays softly in the background… you have ordered your entrĂ©e…

Pop… pop… pop…

The familiar report of a Glock 9MM semi-automatic pistol disturbs your serenity as a gun fight breaks out between patrons at an adjacent table.
Patrons dive for cover as the slugs cut a searing path through the restaurant. One projectile grazes your Hugo Boss sport coat – the one you wear for special occasions only. I guess this could be considered a special occasion.

Okay then. Let’s rewind shall we.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go out on a hot date and skip the gangland violence, gun fire and bloody carnage? And if you are as Gangsta as I am, you would really prefer to leave your Heckler&Koch MP5K machine pistol at home – I mean if only to avoid having to put down cover fire for your loyal buddie baddies…

Anyway. Digression. A new program in Vancouver hopes to quell nasty criminal activity in cooperating restaurants… at least during the dinner hour.

“Participating members of the Restaurant Watch program will display large decals to show that they strive to maintain safety for diners, Vancouver police said.”

Large decals? Like… “Gangsta? Shoo!” or “Packing? You ain’t snacking!”
Yea. Like that’s gonna work.

“Owners and staff of local restaurants have pledged to call police if they feel a customer fits the description of a gang member, gang associate, drug trafficker or someone with a propensity for violence.”

I have a better idea. Want to rid the restaurant of criminal riff-raff? Change the menu to vegetarian. You will never find a gangsta in a joint that sells tofu anything. No beef, no bullets I figure.

The Restaurant Watch program will give police more eyes and ears and ensure the public has a safe and enjoyable dining experience. Read the whole Story

I would have a way more enjoyable experience if I knew there weren’t going to be loud and annoying people there will cell phones…
But what you gonna do?
Bada Bing.