Summer fun food and drink – B.C. UFO sightings increase

All in a summer day 2008 UFO visitsFor the record, I have never seen a UFO before… lots of balloons, helicopters, shooting stars, kites, planes, gliders and, yes, even rockets… model ones. Ok. Fireworks too. Guess that counts.

But true-blue (I mean green) UFO’s. From outer space? No. Nothing yet. Still waiting.

And yet currently, British Columbia is a hot bed of UFO sightings. Lots of people calling into Transport Canada (and the R.C.M.P. [The Canadian equivalent to the F.B.I.]) with reports of objects floating, darting, ducking, spinning, glowing, and generally flirting in the sky… or above the ground.

Yea. UFO’s apparently flirt with Cows… just prior to performing the vivisection… Or they are coy. Whatever works I guess.

Anyway. Sightings are up big time. But why?
I have a theory. Yea. You figured that didn’t you?

If we look at other times in the last 50 or 60 years when there were bursts of intense interest in UFO’s and correspondingly frequent sightings – Yes, there seems to be a connection there too. Interest and scrutiny yields results.

From my reading I have discovered periods of increased activity just after World War II, during the Korean war and during the most intense periods of the Cold War between 1962 and 1975. But why then? Why in those time periods?

Well. People feel generally powerless during periods of global unrest – and generally powerless during Alien abduction and when they undergo Alien facilitated probes in their naughty regions… experiences which appear to go hand in hand.

So as Israel threatens to Blaff Iran off the map if they don’t lay off distilling corn liquor and Iran rattles the saber at Israel’s all night raves. And while the U.S.A. utters waddle shaking martial harangues at any country with an oil supply – and (thanks to the TSA) intimidates every American citizen for daring to travel within their own country without 16 pieces of photo ID…

Well, we are starting to see things… in the sky… from all this stress.

(And)The way I see it, those lucky enough to see something totally other-Worldly… Well, they are probably hoping to catch a ride… somewhere else… Like Rigel 5 or Alpha Centauri. One can always hope I guess… that there is a Planet out there somewhere, populated with beautiful young people that wear nothing but linen, never age much beyond 21 or 50 years of age, and get restored whenever they get bored – and guns, violence, pestilence, envy, greed and malice are totally foreign to their species.

Gimme some of that. I promise to behave… and not bring anything Earthly with me…

Sigh. Dare to dream people.