Summer all fun, food and drink marathon why is this family smiling

misery comes in so many forms pity this tragic familyWhy is this family smiling? Well. To be honest, I think they have been watching my latest CoffeeCrew.Com poll with great interest. I picked out, what I thought, were the most promising 12 cafes in Victoria – excluded communities include Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Western Communities and anything North of the Malahat.

And yes, that leaves out some pretty amazing places – but one thing at a time.

The purpose of all of this, apart from the shameless self-promotion that I am getting… walked into The Black Stilt cafe today and introduced myself to the owner and he pointed out the giant banner over the food display case… is holding a poll of the cities best cafe – so vote for us or get the heck out!

Or something like that. Cannot be sure really. Seemed threatening. Then again maybe not.

That and the winner gets a custom Reg Barber tamper for the Bar – made in solid gold, silver or maybe aluminum… and a handle of organic farmed bird friendly balsa.

It also gives me a sense of how many CoffeeCrew readers, if any, live in Victoria.
So far I am pretty sure that there is at least 1. We have had about 200 votes in 24 hours – and you can only vote once in 24 hours… unless you change locations really quickly.

The 3 voters in the photo above seem pretty cheerful. I figure they have visited all 12 cafes today and sampled most of the drinks – the kid is probably on her 20th espresso – which would account for her cheerfulness. The parents, I gather, will be awake for a few more days.

Anyway. Vote for your favorite.
And feel good about it.