The quirky the funny the silly in Canadian living

We get a magazine from time to time… with our daily paper. It comes along maybe once a month.

And not everyone gets it. We get it because we live in a somewhat Chi chi neighborhood… and we are renters… for now. heh-heh heh-heh heh-heh.

This magazine is a tome to conspicuous consumption, to gratuitous excess, to the joy of being all that you can be… better. It represents about 1/10 of 1% of the local population in terms of net worth.

Photo below – The magazine picture above is a spoof of the one that I am talking about. Click it for the full meal deal

So, if you are not driving a Mercedes-Benz, or a Bentley, or a Jaguar – then your are definitely not worthy of reading these gold stained pages.

But it begs the question – who the heck reads this stuff and buys all these gilded products; botox treatments, solid gold-plated bathroom fixtures, kilo-buck spa weekends and real estate listings that boggle the imagination?


It is Un-Canadian. Canadians are a modest lot – and we do not flaunt it… whatever it is. And yet this magazine exists. Full of ads of Real-Estate agents that only sell zillion dollar houses… and lawyers for rich people that have gotten themselves into a pickle and plastic surgeons for those occasions when the lawyer cannot get you out of the pickle and you need to change the appearance of the pickle.

Get my drift? No?

Anyway – in this, the first in a continuing series on Canadian oddities in our society, I will peck very gently at the delicate gold plated under carriage of Canuck society.