Summer all food, fun and drink marathon begins

The sign of the end times - self stirring mugBeginning, well, now we will start the all summer, all food, coffee and fun marathon of blog posts.

I am so done with Olympic rants. I am so done with gas price rants. I am so done with political stuff.

Folks. I just don’t care anymore. I just want to have fun and enjoy life.

For at least 2 months.
So buckle up.

Let’s begin our 60 days of reckless and irresponsible abandon with this little tid-bit: The self-stirring mug. What could be more hedonistic than a mug that stirs itself. Yes, friend – it is true.
There was a time that coffee brewers seemed radical. Now we have devices for stirring. Soon, very soon, we will have surrogates that drink the coffee for us, waving their arms and smoking cigarettes as they become increasingly agitated.

Not for me though. I would rather do my own arm waving.

Welcome to the Summer of 2008.