Seen in passing – coffee time – as the crow flies

Banded crows from the University of WashingtonI have coffee at 10AM and 3PM where I work (on a Vancouver Island University campus) – and I generally have coffee with colleagues.

Except today I had a special guest – a good old black crow. A friendly one at that. This one was different. It was banded!

As it turns out, it is from the United States of America – from the University of Washington – another campus in a different country.

The 1st thing that crossed my mind (as I mused out loud to the curious bird)…
“Hmmm – you are a American bird in Canada… I guess you are not on any No-Fly list, huh?”

Nyuk nyuk cackle.

I sat at an outdoor table and shared my multi-grain fruit muffin (make them myself) with the bird – hoping that there was nothing harmful to the creature in the recipe.