Air travel rant #7 Satan takes charge of all the World’s problems

Homeland Security Secretary Satan Michael ChertoffThe United States said Tuesday that it will require visitors who are allowed to enter the country without visas to register biographical details online at least three days before they travel.

The United States said this? not any person in particular? No wait…

Photo right – Homeland Security Fuhrer & Uber Alles dude Michael Chertoff in a moment of celebration makes Wank wank wa-a-a-a-nk noises. Seriously, I have no idea what I mean by that…

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who announced the changes, said they will help the United States boost the security of its visa-free travel program by allowing the government to screen visitors before they travel. Currently, visitors fill out paper forms en route and are screened by U.S. customs agents upon arrival.

Right. This should nab terrorists. Just read the bio info as they enter the country:

Name: Michael Chertoff | Place of Birth: Transylvania | Year of Birth:1832
Reason for visiting the U.S. of A. – Blood…. blood… blood
Occupation: blood sucker, night rider, bat, patriot, terrorist, government employee

Ok Mister Michael. I got those first 4 things and that last thing…
That 5th thing… the terrorist
that entry gives us a bit of pause. Could you expand on that a bit?

Yea. This is gonna work. Brilliant Michael. Brilliant.

School age Michael Chertoff  goes wank-wank-wa-a-a-a-nkChertoff (grammar school photo at left) said the new system will allow the United States to determine ahead of time if travelers pose a security risk. He called the system a “21st Century model for facilitating travel to the United States.”

“It’s very important to us to remain a welcoming country,” he said, but added: “potential terrorists do not come easily labeled or identified.”

A welcoming country? Gimme a break. The U.S.A. has been actively discouraging visitors since shortly after 9/11 and continues to make it more and more uncomfortable – even for residents of the United States of America – a people who are assumed to be guilty of being terrorists and have to be “validated” before they can enter and exit their own country… and are even being spot-checked within their own country.

Wank! Wank! Wa-a-a-a-nk!