Air travel rant #6 milk of human kindness – tossed in the trash

According to a CBC report this morning, approximately 20,000 pounds of stuff was confiscated at Vancouver International Airport in May 2008 – Yup. 10 tons of virtually unopened tooth-paste, hair gel, personal lubricant, ointments and unguents – put in a landfill – so you can fly safely… Or yea, and breast milk – gallons of it apparently.

Call me crazy – but wouldn’t it make more sense to collect this stuff to be recycled to a shelter, food bank or something. Except for the breast milk of course. I’d take a pass on that.

Actually Colin… (bad sign – talking to self) – In the U.S. you can actually buy confiscated swiss army knives for $10 a pound. link

I am not sure why I find this so funny. But I am smiling.

The TSA took 13 million items from travelers in 2006 alone.
13,000,001 if you include human dignity as an item.

But I digress.

Here in Canada, it just seems to tragically wasteful and foolish.
Readers: Please e-mail me if there is something positive coming from all this waste.