Air travel rant #5 website of the month TSA Blog

brilliant in its execution of brazen, patriotic fervor nonsenseTerrorists Evolve. Threats Evolve. Security Must Stay Ahead. You Play A Part.
The TSA Blog deserves a metal for effort, an Oscar for the acting and some kind of of American online literary award for a stunning, brazen and breathtaking piece of fiction.

The TSA Blog is the mouth-piece of the TSA and has voluntarily opened itself up to the wrath of the American traveling public with its open-comment system:

In a blog entry Why is ID important for security? – the readership takes the TSA to a verbal slaughter and it is so stimulating to hear America speak that it gives me shivers…

If the security systems actually worked then there would be no need to check ID. This is just another attempt to control the American people and steal more and more of our rights. We need to take back some more essential liberty.

Wake me up when the TSA actually does something that actually increases airport security! (Although I still stand by the opinion that if someone ever tries to hijack an airplane ever again, every person on that plane will stand up and beat that hijacker into a bloody pulp.)

Too many holes in this feeble attempt to say that it enhances security. Show me just ONE terrorist that you have apprehended. Or maybe you can use the argument that they are scared away.

And on and on and on and on and on – read for yourself

Someone summed it up on the radio today with a new expression: The militarization of the Canadian airspace has led to a dilution of civil liberties and freedom… There are now 3000 Canadians on a no-fly list, for reasons that cannot be explained to them without any opportunity for exemption. Over one million Americans are now on the no-fly list many for the crime of having the same name of someone else on the no-fly list.

Millions of Americans are now eschewing air travel in favor of alternative means of getting around their country – However, fissures are appearing in the economy of travel leading to airline bankruptcies and other similar crises.

And no one knows where this will lead.