Gas Price Rant #15 Criminal investigations coming to Victoria B.C.

Sometimes there is good news.

And although the skies over Victoria B.C. Canada did not rain gold coins, virgins or 20 dollar bills today… there is some interesting activity on the ground…

close to your neighborhood Gas station… maybe.

On the other side of the country, criminal charges have been laid against 13 people and 11 companies accused of fixing the price of gasoline in Quebec.

The suspects and companies operated in Victoriaville, Thetford Mines, Magog and Sherbrooke.

And we all know that gas prices in Victoria B.C. Canada are fixed by a automated telephone system called Viper. It’s collusion. It’s price fixing… and it’s criminal. And maybe, just maybe, lower Island residents may get a wonderful dose of schadenfreude.

As Jackie Gleason use to say… “How SWEET it IS!”

And although I personally have no evidence that criminal charges are about to be laid in the Victoria area… I can hope. And you can hope with me.