Canadian Big Brother #1 What`s on your iPod

I do not work for YOU, I work for the U.S.Damn. Damn. Triple damn.

I swore I was going to lighten up with my next post… but the Government of Canada will not let me.


We posted on this issue at the CoffeeCrew blog about 3 weeks ago about the new Anti-Copyright legislation currently being cooked up by Canada’s right wing Conservative minority government under the delicate tutelage of Stephen Harper (shown at right in his most favored outfit ).

So now it is moving forward – read the CBC article for yourself and the hundreds and hundreds of angry comments that follow.

Here is the skinny.

The federal government (under the wisdom of Minister of Industry – Jim Prentice) has introduced a controversial bill it says balances the rights of copyright holders and consumers — but it opens millions of Canadians to huge lawsuits, prompting critics to warn it will create a “police state.”

To quote Jack Bauer of 24 – Hide your iPod and TIVO… Hide it now!

Bill 61 panders to a dying industry – Big Music and Rich Media like Sony Pictures and Music – and the big question is (amongst dozens of similar questions…):

When you buy a CD or DVD, is it really yours… or have you merely rented or leased it? Rip one copy of a CD to your iPod and that is sort of legal. Make 2 copies and you face fines of upwards of 20,000 dollars.

CBC reader commentary reveals: “Will warrantless searches and seizures be allowed? Of what? My kid’s music player where he carries his personal data to and from school? Media cards? My USB drive that contains my personal information? My computer? My CDR backups of my computer? My cell phone? Every piece of electronics I own?”

Here at the blog, we wrote about this very thing – how Airport security guards will soon be snooping your Ipods and laptops for illegal content.
What is next, checkpoints like they have in Uncle Sam? I hope the f*ck not.