Welcome aboard. Papers please! San Juan Island edition

Traveling the San Juan Islands in Washington State - Have your papers ready!It smells like World War II Nazism but it’s homegrown Fascism – In Amerika’s continuing efforts to eliminate freedom in the homeland, the U.S. border patrol in Anacortes, Washington has begun checking the identification of people coming off domestic ferries from the San Juan Islands!

Can you imagine riding the B.C. Ferry from Swartz Bay in Sidney to Fulford Harbor on Salt Spring Island and being greeted with sweaty, brown shirted, fat white men with German shepherds. The brown shirts snarl orders at the cowering tourists as the dogs bare their teeth and grimace. “Papers please! Have your papers in order!”

Sound far fetched? This reality has come to the scenic San Juan Islands in one of Washington states loveliest regions.

From todays Times-Colonist – The spot checks have some San Juan islanders, U.S. citizens or not, in a flap. “Many Latinos in the community are paranoid about getting on the ferry,” says Kevin Ranker of Friday Harbor. Others fear the spot checks will hurt the islands’ tourism economy, says Ranker, a county council member running for the state senate. Some residents might be happy to see the illegals nabbed, but still resent being ID’d in their own country.

In George Bush’s America this might seem acceptable – but it isn’t and shouldn’t be. Where does it end? How long before there are street-corner check-points in every major city in America? If it is OK in the San Juan Islands, then it has to be OK in Los Angeles and Kansas.

Truth is, the Bush family, now running America are not far removed from their Nazi era relatives. That’s right. Do your homework. George Bush and Co. are directly related to the good people that brought you the Third Reich.

In the early 40’s the American administration did not find Nazism and persecution so offensive that they jumped into the fray early like Canada did. No. They waited for Pearl Harbor to be attacked. Some of us stomach oppression better than others I guess.

Here in the 21st Century, apparently, it does not comes as much of a stretch to whittle away the rights and freedoms of every day Americans.

So. Today in the San Juan Islands in beautiful Washington State… Well, they pick on people of color… Latin Americans… Tomorrow, who knows. Maybe they will be coming for you.

Have your papers ready.
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