U.S. develops yet another tool for abusing civilians #2

U.S. develops yet another method of abusing humansColonel Hymes of the Moody Air Force Base in Georgia U.S.A demonstrates the Active Denial System weapon by staging what CBS somewhat oddly called “a scenario soldiers might encounter in Iraq” — a handful of military volunteers, dressed as civilian protesters, who carried signs saying “peace not war” and threw objects at a small group of soldiers. A series of raygun blasts from half a mile away disrupted their chants and finally sent them running.

Watch the whole video and story and shake your head with me.

I am fully qualified to make this statement: This is no ray-gun. This is a microwave transmitter. Much like the mechanism that works inside a microwave oven, the Active Denial System, uses radio waves to heat peoples skin up – possible side effects include permanent damage to your eyes and changes to your DNA.

Shocked? You should be. Dismayed? I hope so.

Sure, it’s better than bullets. But why are we shooting people in phony wars anyway?

And people who carry signs that say Peace, not War!
We should not be zapping these folks – we should be electing them as leaders.
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