Dining in Victoria as good as it gets #1

Brasserie lecole best steak frite on the planetTo describe the restaurant, Brasserie L`ecole as unpretentious is like pontificating on the genuinely modest nature of the Dali Lama.

Shut up and eat already.

This is one of the reasons I find Eat magazine so amusing – whenever it appears on the stands that is.

They gush and genuflect on restaurants like Brasserie L`ecole, Cafe Brio and Zambri’s…

And others. They back slap. They self reward and worship.

It is a veritable love fest.

But I digress.

Brasserie L`ecole is a great restaurant with some amazing pluses, twists and turns in what should be a stuffy and boring French restaurant.

Starters: It appears that guests can order 2 glasses of wine from virtually any bottle in their cellar. Name one other restaurant in Victoria where this is an option?

We go for the Steak-Frites… Steak perfectly prepared served with a bassinet of skinny Belgian fries, anointed with salt, baptized with truffle oil and parmasan.

Expect to book 2 weeks in advance for a good seating during the dinner hour(s).

In this 1st in a marathon of local restaurant reviews, diner Colin Newell hopes to educate, entertain and reveal some of Victoria’s gems. Bon Appetit!