Big Brother Air travel rant #2 how long is your pocket knife

Long delays at Vancouver International Airport on Friday were the product of a traveler slipping through security screening with…

  • A handgun?
  • A grenade?
  • A copy of the Koran?
  • A copy of the Torah?
  • A copy of Mad magazine?
  • A bottle of mother’s milk?

Nope. Security staff spotted something on an X-ray machine around 10 a.m.
The passenger had already collected his bag and walked into the secure area of the domestic terminal.

At least 10 domestic flights were grounded for the next hour and a half while staff searched for the passenger and a knife.

What kind of knife? Steak knife? No. K-Bar knife? Hardly.

A pocket knife… probably 10cm long.

Woo! Scary!! Pocket knife! Woo!

Listen up folks. I am Ex Canadian Army and I can do more damage to the average human with a slice of stale pizza than a randomly selected civilian can do with a hunting knife.

So. Enough of these stupid security alerts at Airports.

Small statistic: The U.S. has spent billions on protecting us from terrorists in the U.S.A.

Ironically, bath tubs have killed 100 times more Americans since 9/11 than honest-to-goodness wild-eyed terrorists.
That’s right folks, bath tubs. You’ve seen them in bath rooms all over America… perhaps you have one in your own home. But do you really know what lies behind those porcelain surfaces, composite materials and space-age plastics?

I do: Mayhem, tears and death…
by slippage.