The Conversation series – Part two – Food on the table

We spoke with Mark Engels of Bubby Roses Bakery photo below about how the price of flour, oil and corn have effected his work environment – here is his report:

Talking food culture with Mark Engels of Bubby Roses Bakery

Thing is, we are in the middle of double digit inflation action. Why?

Oil futures – note the many gas rants on this site.

Truth is, there is no oil crisis. There is nothing wrong with the Oil supply. Our

Canadian reserves are in as good a shape as they have ever been in the history of fuel and oil exports in Canada.

Some economist in the U.S. speculated (predicted) that oil would be $200 a barrel before 200X. He did not give any reason why – he just said it.
He was making a prediction about the futures value of a barrel of oil.

So oil goes up. And we flirt with alternative fuels like Ethanol and Bio-diesel.
We take corn out of the mouths of the hungry to make fuel for our cars…
Because some econo-twit said that the price of a barrel of oil would top $200 one day.
He was probably running around in circles, waving his hands and wetting himself at the same time.

Not a pretty picture?

Neither is hunger.